Homes for Sale Near Intel

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Homes For Sale Near Intel In Hillsboro and Beaverton’s High Tech Corridor

Beaverton and Hillsboro are home to 5 Intel Campuses. Learn more about Intel here! To view the homes available simply click on the neighborhood listed below each Intel Campus location.

Jones Farm Campus- The closest neighborhoods to the Jones Farm Intel are listed below.

Home Based Laser Hair Removal Catches On

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Ever since hemlines started creeping up in the early 1900s, women have been searching for the best way to get rid of the hair on their legs.

Today, waxing, shaving and doctor’s office laser treatments represent a $10 billion industry. Last year,1.4 million laser hair-removal procedures were performed by doctors and trained professionals.

Light Therapy for Skin Problems?

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Light Therapy Fixing Her Skin IssuesBacteria that causes acne produces microscopic porphyrins that cause acne inflammation and follicle blocking. Blue light therapy exposes these porphyrins to calibrated wavelengths in the light spectrum. These wavelengths produce free radicals which kill the bacteria. This reduces skin inflammation and prevents acne breakouts while healing the existing acne.

Losing Weight for Summer

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You may need new jeans after your weight loss!If you are looking at ways to lose weight for the Summer then I am sure you have heard the HCG Diet mentioned. You may be wondering what exactly does this diet consist of? What are the steps to get on the path to a healthy weight? The answers to all of your questions about the HCG Diet are all right here in one convenient location. Hopefully, by the end of this article you will not have any questions or doubts in your mind.

Play Kinect Games with your iPhone and iPad

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This past week, Microsoft showed a Windows Phone 7 real-time integration with Xbox Kinect. The demo was designed to show that Microsoft could integrate their Windows Phone 7 to the Kinect and turn it into a game controller.

Use Windows Phone 7 to Interact with Xbox Kinect Games

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Microsoft demonstrates Kinect and Windows Phone 7 integration.

No big surprise here, but today, Microsoft announced (and showed off) the ability for their Windows Phone 7 to interact with certain Xbox Kinect Games. Now I’m not super thrilled with getting friends together to play a game of dodgeball online. I’d much rather play in real life, so I can actually hit my friends… but this demo shows some of the potential that they can build into future Kinect games.